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We were able to sell our home in a short time with Ed's help. We appreciated the full package he offered with Jaqua - professional photography, staging, and realtor tour - that some other agents could not offer. Although we did not take advantage of all of those options, they were there if needed. Ed is very likable and knowledgeable about his trade. He was able to answer several questions we had going in. We appreciated his honesty throughout the process. He was willing to make extra contacts and jump through hoops as needed to get the job done. -- Laura

I give Ed my highest recommendation. He was friendly, professional and knowledgable regarding all aspects of my transaction. Ed was always quick to respond and offered additional information beyond what I would ask for. -- Tom

Ed was responsive and listened to our needs and desires in purchasing a home. He has a no pressure approach that is greatly appreciated when looking to purchase the right home for your needs. Another plus with Ed - and something that is often over looked in finding a realtor - is his superb network of honest, knowledgeable local professionals in the home industry. That is something you cannot readily find through the internet or on your own within the short timeframes needed to successfully purchase a home. 
-- Brandon


It was such a pleasure to buy a house with Ed! He listened to everything my husband and I were looking for in a home, without question or judgment. Ed's knowledge of Kalamazoo neighborhoods helped us expand our location while still maintaining all of the amenities we desired. Ed was with us every step of the way from showings, finding financing and even attending the closing. He was accessible every day via phone/text/email and was very flexible with my husband and my schedules for viewing and signing. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a veteran, Ed's friendliness, determination and knowledge will help make the process simple and smooth! -- DK


Ed was very helpful throughout the whole process of selling my home. He has a wealth of experience and local knowledge and I was able to accept an offer in about a week. He put me in contact with great local vendors to address repairs quickly. Above all the house sold for more than I was expecting. -- Dan

As a first time home buyer I would absolutely recommend Ed to anyone. Ed was responsive, knowledgeable, and was always looking for homes for us. I never felt like Ed was trying to sell us a house, rather he was trying to help us find one. Ed made this a comfortable and even fun process. -- Michael

Shout out to our amazing realtor. Got lucky enough to meet him at a showing for a house he had listed over a year ago. He has had our back all the way to today when we officially closed on our new home. There have been some sticky situations, ups, down, deals that fell through, tears (happy and sad) and really we couldn't imagine having anyone else on this journey with us! We were so lucky to have such a hard working, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested person who truly cared about our family. A million thank yous wouldn't be enough. Awesome realtor, amazing person! -- Rose

I knew Ed before starting to look for a house. At our first meeting, I let him know what I was looking for and he provided me leads to look over and we went out to see several houses. He gave me great ideas and helped refine what I was looking for and was spot on with his comments. He was very helpful and upfront. I'm so glad I contacted him, it worked out perfect for us. -- Marty

Ed did an amazing job helping us find exactly what we were looking for in a home. Very informative and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. 
-- Tyler

More recommendations available upon request

Ed Giffels, REALTOR®
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